Step 1: Decide Exactly what you want
• You must be clear on what you want in all aspects of your life
• Financial, personal, professional, health, etc.
• Ask yourself what it is you want?
• What new skills do you want to learn this year?
• What changes do you want to make in your personal life?
• Professional life?

Step 2: Write your goals down
• Psycho-neuro motor activity – where you write you goal down physically on paper and it activates your mental powers and your subconscious mind works on it 24 hours a day until it’s achieved.

Step 3: Set a deadline
• Set a very specific deadline for what you want to achieve this goal by. This motivates and drives you to achieve that goal by the date you choose. Break your goal down into parts and keep working on it until it’s complete.

Step 4: Make a list
• Make a list of everything you can do to achieve that goal. Keep writing everything you can think of until you have broken your ultimate goal down into several sub goals. How do you eat an elephant? One step at a time

Step 5: Organize the list
• Sequence, what’s the order that you have to do things?
• Priorities: What is more important and what is less important?
• 20/80 rule – usually the first 20% of the things you do in the achievement of a goal usually accounts for 80% of the results you get.

Step 6: Take action
• Do something and move quickly. Now that you have your goal, your deadline, and your goal broken up into sub goals, do something immediately to take action toward achieving that goal.

Step 7: Do something every day to achieve it.
• Take action every day to begin moving toward the achievement of your goal. Don’t make excuses. Only those who are willing to take action every day to move themselves along toward achieving their goal will actually achieve it.
Make a list of 10 goals that you’d like to achieve in the next year.
1. __________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________
4. __________________________________________________________
5. __________________________________________________________
6. __________________________________________________________
7. __________________________________________________________
8. __________________________________________________________
9. __________________________________________________________
10. _________________________________________________________

Now, ask yourself, “If I could only achieve one goal on the list, which one would it be?

Once you’ve chosen the most important goal you’d like to achieve, put a circle around it. This becomes you focal point, your point of concentration. Write on a clean sheet of paper.

Culled from Brian Tracy’s Praxis Now